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Finned tubes

A modern and original Polish technology is applied in the production of FAMET type finned tubes.
In this process a smooth, thick-walled aluminium tube is slid over a core tube of any required material and then is subjected to rotary cold rolling so that fins are formed. Metal for fins shaping is extruded upwards by a tool and progressively and uniformly thinned until screw type fins of the required profile are formed.

This rolling process produces an exact and accurate connection between the core tube and the finned outer jacket producing favourable heat flow conditions. An additional advantageous feature is that the tight aluminium finned jacket provides complete protection of the core tube against atmospheric corrosion. Due to the special design of the rolling tools the finned tubes are produced ensuring high performance.

These bimetallic high-finned tubes with highly developed fin surface find their most important application for heat transmission from gaseous media, in particular for heat exchangers designed for liquid and gas cooling by means of atmospheric air, or heating and cooling using other media.

FAMET type finned tubes are used:
  • in the refinery, petrochemical and chemical industry for: air-cooled condensers, air-cooled coolers for products,
    gas coolers, gas heaters
  • in the machine-building industry and in equipment construction for: oil coolers, interstage coolers,
    turbocompressors and compressors
  • in conventional and nuclear power stations for: gas coolers, interstage coolers, cooling-drying towers,
  • steam air pre-heaters
  • in air conditioning systems for: condensers and other air conditioning plants.
Upon agreement, FAMET can supply to special order:
  • finned tubes of serrated type (for core tubes with diameter ) having longitudinal slots and inclined fin ends
  • finned tubes provided with zinc supporting rings, zinc-collar type or zinc-filled aluminium rings of alu-zinc-collar type. (up to the present, these are the best supports used for finned tubes)
  • finned tubes with ends furnished with an aluminium jacket
  • finned tubes with metallized tips for accurate anticorrosion protection
  • finned tubes with other dimensions .